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Dr. Patricia Miller

Psychologist & Clinical Social Worker (RCSW)
Hi! I'm Patricia.
Thank you for popping over to visit. I humbly welcome you to explore my website. If you have questions or would like to book a session just click the button.
I am a registered Psychologist and clinical Social Worker. I have a Ph.D. in
Behavioural and Social Science and am completing my second doctorate degree in clinical psychology.
I think of myself as a social scientist, relational strategist, mental health assessor, speaker, author and 100% compassionate listener.
Practical Orientation
I am a recognized court-appointment assessor in complex mental health, trauma specialist, addictions and treatment process.  I hold a part of my practice for psychotherapy and training of professionals in providing client-centered and trauma-informed services. I feel privileged to offer individual, couples, and family therapy.  I also supervise student work and evaluate learning concerns.
I firmly believe in the role of self-determination, when it comes to education and mental health wellness. My first Ph.D. was research driven and focused on
action-oriented processes for couples living with chronic illness. 
I continue to engage action-oriented research projects, teaching, ongoing
proposal and academic paper writing. I am currently working on a couple of
projects (one that includes) the development of an interpersonal violence screen for trauma-specialists across Canada and the other that supports the HIV community to develop peer-support/facilitator capacity.
My second doctorate degree focuses on complex mental health assessment and treatment. In fact, my final research project is a phenomenological study that allows for the discovery of the role of self-determination in the healing of
people’s trauma. I'm working on a piece right now that builds on this research
and hopefully translates into a book full of important insights that can help
people build their capacity for transformational healing.

We respect diversity and engage inclusive mental health practices that allow people to self-determine their healing process.


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