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Shawna Cunha continued...

As a compassionate counsellor and dedicated educator with 17 years of experience, Shawna is now embarking on a new journey as a provisional psychologist. Her expertise lies in effective treatment planning, youth and adolescent development, focusing on social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive strategies. She is deeply committed to fostering positive emotions and collaboratively establishing mental, emotional, and behavioral goals with her clients.

With her Master's of Psychotherapy Counselling and Masters of Education, Shawna brings a well-rounded understanding of both education and psychology to my practice. Her educational journey has equipped her with a diverse set of skills, from active listening and case documentation to ethical practice and cultural competence.

In her most recent roles, Shawna has collaborated with school administrators to support students' independence and engagement in recovery-oriented activities. She has worked closely with individuals facing various learning challenges, including those with substance abuse issues, mental health concerns, and trauma histories. Her approach is rooted in compassion, empathy, and client-centered care, aiming to identify underlying causes and disabilities while fostering open communication with students and their families.

Shawna’s approach to counselling is holistic, incorporating somatic, client-centered techniques, while also drawing from mindfulness and resilience training. She have experience with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychodynamic therapy, aiming to provide tailored support to each individual she works with.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Shawna cherishes time spent with family. Her passion for outdoor activities and a deep appreciation for nature leads her to seek quality moments outdoors.Shawna is excited to bring her passion for helping others and diverse skill set to her new role as a provisional psychologist, where she looks forward to empowering individuals on their healing journey and supporting them in thriving in life.

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