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Valerie Fleury.... continued

She has worked as a clinical intake counsellor and group facilitator since 2017 in the field of domestic violence, providing comprehensive assessment and offering CBT and DBT-informed treatment to individuals in a group setting. She also enjoys facilitating parenting groups and has experience working with children aged 7-12 years with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

She holds a Conflict Resolution Extension Certificate from Mount Royal University and a Certificate in Parenting Capacity Assessments in Child Protection Matters from the University of Calgary. She is passionate about utilizing her skills to find creative solutions in moderating civil disputes. Having worked in an acute care setting as a Social Worker since 2021, she supports capacity assessments and enjoys assisting patients and their families through times of transition.  

Valerie leads her work with the belief that we are better together and creates a trauma-informed space for her clients. She works to help those with depression, anxiety, and trauma to create positive momentum in their lives. 


In her personal time, she enjoys camping and cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter with her family.

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