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A few thoughts on the opening of The Calgary Therapy Institute

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

Margaret Wheatley

Time has gone by quickly! It has been a busy five months. Firstly, we want to say, “thank-you” to our clients for all your support and adjustments to our new location and processes that we have developed. We welcome our new staff members, students, office manager and research coordinator for their ongoing dedication and professionalism. I have marveled at the changing of the seasons, through the windows of my office. I am constantly reminded how beautiful and therapeutic nature is around the Bonavista Lake area. We feel grateful to be here, within such a vibrant community.

Upcoming events at the clinic:

This is a brief introduction to the group services; we are going to be providing for our valued clients. We will have a strong focus on groups for the first three months of 2022.

  • We begin January with a teen, self-esteem group that will support our young people to find the conversations and skills, they need to start the new year in a stronger way. The teen group will be an 8-week program that runs on Tuesday nights for two-hours each group.

  • We will move into February with a grief, peer-support group that will run for 8-weeks on Monday nights.

  • Starting in the second half of March our trauma, psycho-educational group will run for 10-weeks on Tuesday nights.

  • We are starting a series of podcasts for the beginning of December. Our theme is “dock talks: a Canadian conversation”. The idea for the podcasts was developed through many summer conversations, with my good friends in Naramata BC. The podcasts will focus on topics that are relevant to living well, during times of change and stress.

  • We are formalizing our on-line learning content that will be out in early spring. The content will focus on various topics within mental health, trauma and recovery, and the art of developing our inner leader in trying times.

Final Thoughts:

As we head into the holiday season, we close the year knowing that many people have faced another challenging year because of COVID-19 and other significant world events. We continue to develop our mental health and psychological services in the best interest of our diverse community of clients, and their collective well-being.

We thank-you for your trust in the staff at the Calgary Therapy Institute.

Happy holidays everyone, all the best to you and your family!

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