My Services

Dr. Patricia Miller - A healthy life is
  • Understanding trauma

  • Resiliency, recovery, and healing from trauma

  • Secondary traumatic stress

  • Trauma-specific policy and procedures

  • Training trauma-informed peers

  • Curriculum development for trauma-informed staff training

  • Strategic planning for resiliency and recover of traumatic stress

  • 1-1 trauma-informed consulting

  • Inclusionary practices that reduce psychological injury

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In-person and on-line assessment and therapy is conducted by multiple professionals that are trained psychologists and social workers. 

Standardized formal and less formal assessments, report writing for legal, medical, educational and general information. 

Therapy that aligns with assessments and people's interpersonal needs. 

Writing engagements starts with a conversation that allows us to understand what your needs are.  Proposal writing, paper development and advocacy for workplace settings, educational needs and community development can be supported. 

Legal assessments and class action suits can be completed with a focus on expert reporting, expert testimony and ongoing consultation.