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Liam Sorrenti.... continued

Liam is a registered social worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers and has earned

two undergrads in Justice Studies and Social Work and has a Master of Arts in Counselling

Psychology.  Liam is currently in the process of completing his Clinical Social Work Masters

with a specialization and focus on Trauma Informed Practice. Liam's journey in building

experience and expertise in helping address and support healing from childhood trauma

began in 2011 while working with a not-for-profit agency that began a partnership with Dr.

Bruce Perry and an implementation of his Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. 


Liam notes that his greatest learning has come from his role as a parent, uncle, and chosen

family member to many youngsters. Liam is a passionate advocate for on-going learning and

development and has presented numerous workshops in support of building mental health

awareness and enhancing skillsets for parents and professionals. 

Liam enjoys trampoline parks, wave pools, virtual reality games, and the occasional tree




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