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Jodey Sharman continued...

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Jodey is an experienced health care provider with almost 40 years in health care. Jodey’s practice has evolved to focus on treating the effects of betrayal of love and trust that occur earlier in life (complex trauma) and are the foundational cause of mental health symptoms. Jodey is committed to creating a safe and trusting therapy relationship in which healing happens.


Jodey has trained in numerous treatments and uses specialized trauma therapies, including Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, to help calm the body and nervous system to support healing. Jodey is skilled in working with clients with complex problems and in simplifying problems and solutions so you can understand yourself better and make the changes you want.


Jodey also works in the field of Psychedelic Treatment and provides Preparation and Integration for psychedelic treatments. She welcomes conversations about options for this type of treatment. She is a therapist for therapists, nurses, physicians and teachers. She helps people in high stress occupations and with medical leave and return to work. She also works with seniors and their families to support with aging changes, retirement, end of life, grief, and coping with dementia.

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