Let's Do CBT!

  • 1


    • Welcome Video

    • Location of the Work-booklet

    • Work Booklet for CBT Course

    • Things to Know

    • Some Information

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    Day 1

    • What is Anxiety?

    • What is CBT?

    • What are Automatic Thoughts?

    • What are Core Beliefs?

    • Core Belief Video

    • How Do Core Beliefs affect our Thinking?

    • Example

    • How does this have anything to do with my Test Anxiety?

    • How Does CBT work?

    • Practicing

    • What are Cognitive Distortions?

    • Read the statement below, then problem solve

    • Why are Cognitive Distortions important to Identify?

    • List an Automatic Thought of your Own

    • Working Through a CBT Triangle

    • Doing Your Own

    • Alternative Ways Of Thinking

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    Day 2

    • Day 2 Focuses

    • Homework Assignments

    • Preparation for the Quiz: Getting You Ready

    • SMART Goals

    • Thought Record Sheet Example

  • 4

    Day 3

    • Day 3 Focuses

    • Ways to Reduce Anxiety During Exams

    • Calming Our Thinking

    • Mindfulness Activities to Practice

    • Quiz Time :)

    • Wrap Up

About Your Instructor

Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten is a RSW with an BA and a MSW in Calgary, Alberta. She has over 9 years experience working with children, teen and adults who experience developmental and intellectual disabilites. Her passion for becoming a CBT therapist was driven by these previous experiences when the clients she was working with were experiencing a lot of distress in their lives. She now does counselling for children, teens and adults who are experiening issues with their mental health and addictions. In additon to CBT, Kirsten has certifications in Narrative Therapy, and DBT. Kirsten has lived/ studied abroad in Nice, France. She has also volunteered abroad in Australia and New Zealand working with youth with disabilites who were experiencing sucidial ideation and negative lifestyle behaviours. 


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  • Active Listening

  • Patience

  • Application of CBT

  • Crisis Solving