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Trauma-informed Consultation/Coaching Options:

  • Understanding trauma

  • Resiliency, recovery, and healing from trauma

  • Secondary traumatic stress

  • Trauma-specific policy and procedures

  • Training trauma-informed peers

  • Curriculum development for trauma-informed staff training

  • Strategic planning for resiliency and recover of traumatic stress

  • 1-1 trauma-informed consulting

  • Inclusionary practices that reduce psychological injury


Consultation packages include:


  • Multiple day trainings (both in-house and off-site trainings)

  • Individual coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Ongoing evaluation of progress and growth

  • Content development for business leaders that want to implement their own formal

  • trainings

  • Trauma-informed leadership training that develops elite training options for leaders that need to make difficult decisions in complex times


All consultations will be uniquely designed for the needs of the organization.


Individual consultations and coaching sessions can be created to meet the specific needs of a person or even a small group of people.



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